The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), in association with the City of Dallas, has proposed plans to:

  1. construct freeway-to-freeway roadway ramps linking Interstate Highway (IH) 45 (Julius Schepps Freeway) and United States Highway (US) 175 (CF Hawn Freeway), and
  2. convert US 175 (SM Wright Freeway) to a low-speed arterial roadway.

Project limits: IH 45 from SM Wright Freeway to Lamar Street (1.7 miles); SM Wright Freeway from IH 45 to State Highway (SH) 310 near Budd Street (2.5 miles); proposed freeway-to-freeway ramps from CF Hawn Freeway to IH 45 near Lamar Street (1.4 miles).

The Project need and purpose is improving travel safety and mobility. Linking the IH 45 and CF Hawn freeways would improve the neighborhood environment by removing freeway/commuter traffic from the SM Wright community and eliminating the sharp, accident-prone CF Hawn/SM Wright Freeway curve.

In addition, the Project’s proposed conversion of SM Wright Freeway to a 35 mile-per-hour, six-lane, signalized, at-grade, landscaped arterial with enhanced gateways and walks could initiate community investment, development and rejuvenation.

Environmental documentation prepared for the Project will conform to National Environmental Policy Act guidelines to assess the Project’s potential environmental, social and economic effects.